Intelligent Knowledge Capture

Automatic knowledge collection. Automatically update existing knowledge
How to better capture enterprise information and ease access to it?

Knowledge is still not correctly managed in enterprise and remains a major problem. A shallow part of what is information wealth of enterprise is kept under brains. The process of knowledge management is weak once again as it relies on human to collect it and structure it to enable access to it. Lack of productivity due to lack of knowledge management is hard to measure, but lot of meetings and email queries are needed to get understanding of topics. Most of the information spread in these meeting have already been explained, updated or is present in obscure documents not correctly mapped to knowledge processes.

With our module Intelligent Knowledge Capture we want to add intelligent automation in the process. Capture and update valuable knowledge pieces have to become a native process. We leverage all sources of collaboration to capture knowledge with latest advances in NLP. We use this technologies also to evaluate whether or not a knowledge has to be added, updated or completed. We also use employee relational analytics to bring insights on how relevant a knowledge is. .

Intelligent Knowledge Capture is able to integrate documentation from and to several knowledge tool (sharepoint, confluence, …)

Our technology can be applied to specific use cases involving NLP. For instance you would want to leverage your conversational flows to enhance customer service, detect churn and detect potential upsell. Our module can capture all sorts of valuable information to trigger specific answer or process.