Task management

Leverage AI to collect and structure tasks on the behalf of humans
How do you better engage people to execute your transformation ?

Commitment is not fully connected yet, there’s a lack of visibility on who is engaged on what and what is a correct evaluation of the overall status of projects. A process is as strong at its weakest link and in that case the weakest link is human. While human is expected to spend time on complex cognitive tasks, he has to manage lots of report, status, follow up and so on. While you are expecting people to take time to control whether or not their target is well defined , if their scope is under control, if the roadmap is up to date and if all of this is aligned with business case, they are actually not having enough time to do it as you would. And as a result investment is not giving what you expect from it.

Our module is used to augment ability to capture tasks. We capture it while it’s been created and shared : during the conversational flows. We suggest then to the demander to manage it on its behalf. We can put it out either inside your action register application (like Trello for instance) or in the one proposed by Disaitek.